From The Desk Of Principal

Dr. Papia Guha

Our council (EMPC OF INDIA) students are completing the course and providing job services all over the Country and Abroad. Now we are starting a smart step, Ayushman Medical / Paramedical Institute under the control of the EMPC OF INDIA.

Ayushman Medical / Paramedical Institute are making the students self-employed, making their lives beneficial and healthy.  Our offering curricular is formulated with the view to bring about overall development of the student career. The teachers are renowned scholars in their subject area. The faculty members and students are encouraged to work closely with the Institute Centralized. Unique to our accomplishments is our commitment to inter nationalization as the institutional mission.

I do invite you to learn about the successful track record of our alumni community, many members of which are leaders in their respective area.

With the strong foundation laid by the Director of AMPI (Ayushman Medical / Paramedical Institute) Dr. Trideep Guha sir and the efforts of all the staff, AMPI is moving in the right direction and is marching ahead to becoming a world class institution.